Buyer Beware: This Garage Door Repair Technician Is So Dishonest…It’s Criminal.

If we told you that someone in your area had been convicted of nine counts residential burglary and nine counts of theft, you'd glad to know that person was sentenced to 10+ years in state prison...right?

What if we told you that the person guilty of these crimes was a technician for a garage door repair company who intentionally overcharged his customers so much, it was considered a felony?

You'd expect that such behavior would be discouraged from a garage door repair company, correct?

According to a fellow employee of the company, this technician made more than $300,000 for himself in 2015 and was even awarded a trip from his company as praise as for being a "top gun" with such large invoices.

Check out this article from DASMA in this link HERE with further details from this technician working with what has been called "The worst garage door company in the nation" by DASMA in a previous article from 2015

We try to warn our customers about the dangers of garage door repair companies that aim to scam you out of your hard-earned money. 

We do this to educate our customers as much as possible to help them learn the difference between honest and dishonest garage door repair companies.

So when cautionary examples like this come around we do our best to share with our customers the dangers that exist in the world of dishonest garage door repair companies. 

Remember to look for logos from the International Door Association (or IDA) and IDEA  (The Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation) are both associations with the intention of helping you identify reputable companies from scam companies like this one. Look for these logos on  websites to be sure:

Accredited Door Dealer









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